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Unlock in-app purchases for free and get unlimited Diamonds and Coins in Hay Day.


hay day hack

What is Hay Day?

Developed by Supercell, Hay Day is doubtlessly the most well-known farming simulator video game. “Hay Day” is a blendword of “hay” and “hey day”, designating a period of happiness and welfare in the old time.

Many realistic features are available in the game such as growing crops, raising animals, cultivating trees and bushes, crafting products etc. Farmers can trade goods and crops with virtual characters as well as other real players. As a consequence, you will be rewarded by coins and experience coins in the gale.

Leveling up is an important factor of success in the game as it enable farmers to unlock new features; more items, new crops, new buildings and facilities. Players will also access two new areas – the fishing lake as well as the town – when they reach a certain level of experience.

Events and competitions gather the best farmers who compete to obtain rare and expensive items as rewards for winning challenges. Besides, players can also communicate, support each other and team up to compete for prizes and win challenges.

How can I generate free Diamonds in Hay Day?

Stop spending all your money for Diamonds in Hayday! I have been scanning the web for years but could not find any reliable hack for Hay day. This is now a thing of the past; I eventually found one!

This online generator will enable you to generate free Diamonds and Coins in your favourite game, Hay Day. Furthermore, this hack apk is compatible with all iOS and Android devices; hence, you will not need to jailbreak you smartphone. Most importantly, you should not worry about being banned. Indeed, this hack mod is fully-encrypted thanks to the use of a proxy and SSL (https) certificate. Therefore, the generator will protect your account and prevent it from being banned by the publisher.


What should I do to generate unlimited Diamonds in Hay Day?

This video provides all the instructions about how to use the hack and generate unlimited Diamonds in CSR Racing 2. Meanwhile, below is a summary of the guidance.

How to hack Hay Day | Free Diamonds | 2019

First of all, go on this website

Make sure a lock appear next to the URL. The lock represents the use of the HTTPS protocol which encrypts the transaction and secures your account. Therefore, another good way to make sure the website is secured is to check the “HTTPS” at the beginning of the URL.

Secondly, enter your in-game ID and select your platform. You can easily find your username in the settings section. As previously explained, you can generate resources on iOS or Android.

Most importantly, select a proxy to anonymise the transaction. All proxies work flawlessly but I would suggest using a proxy located in the same region than yours. Subsequently, it will accelerate the generation process. There is no proxy in Asia but if you are located in China or India, the proxy in New York might be a good compromise.

Then, choose the amount of Diamonds and Coins you want to generate on your Hay Day account. Please, don’t go above 100,000 diamonds as it could flag your ID as a suspicious account. Meanwhile, there is no limit for Coins. Sky is the only limit!

Finally, the last step is the human verification

I know this is a pity to complete. Nevertheless it should not take you more than fifteen minutes. And let’s be honest, fifteen minutes of your time – enabling you to save hundreds of dollars – is not a big deal! At the same time, this will prevent bots from analysing the flaw used by the hack to generate diamonds in Hay Day.

Consequently, you have to complete two little offers to pass this verification. An offer is usually an app to download or a form to fill in. However, make sure you meticulously follow the instructions highlighted on the page with all offers.

Eventually, Diamonds and Coins will appear on your Hay Day account within a few minutes/hours. You can finally enjoy your free Diamonds in Hay Day!


Can I rely on the generator? Is it fully secured? Will I receive my free Diamonds in Hay Day?

As already mentioned, hours have been spent to find such a generator. Namely, I tried dozens of pretended hacks but all of them proved to be fake or scams. This online hack tool is the only reliable and operational generator for Hay Day in 2019. The proxy along with the HTTPS protocol, SSL certificate and the human verification ensure the user there is absolutely no ban risk. Above all, DO NOT over-abuse the hack by generating disproportionate amount of diamonds (i.e. 100,000 diamonds).

See below a screenshot of my device; I have used the generator only once. And yet, as you can see I own more than 20,000 gold and 500,000 cash. I can be the best in the game in no time and compete with all best farmers during next events.

hay day free diamonds

Why should I use the generator?

  • You want to be the best without having to spend all your money: diamonds is very costly and it is very hard to compete with others in the game without the use of diamonds
  • You don’t have to download a shady app: this generator is fully integrated into your favourite browser such as Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox
  • Generate unlimited resources in Hay Day: there is no limit in the amount of resources you can generate – however, do not over-abuse it
  • You don’t even have to jailbreak your device: the generator is compatible with all iOS and Android devices
  • This generator is highly secured: this is the only generator that secures and encrypts your connection with a SSL certificate
  • This  is the only operational hack/cheats/apk/mod for Hay Day: all other generators are fake, scam or unsecured


Everything seems perfect, is there any downside?

There is absolutely no downside. The only tricky part is the human verification as it can be boring to complete offers. Nevertheless, depending on the offers you get, you should not spend more than a quarter completing offers. Besides, I can help those of you who – for any reason – can’t pass this verification. What you have to do is leave a comment either on the YouTube video or below this article with your in-game ID and platform. I will do my best to run the generator for you.


Intuitive Use


In conclusion, this hack is operational, powerful and completely secured.

Total Rating


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